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When We Discovered These 5 Celebrities Are Left Handed

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

It’s a nice feeling we have when we’re proud to learn someone we respect is a left hander like us. It may take us a while to notice, but it’s fun to see some clues, search the web and confirm their laterality. Here are 5 celebrities our team recently discovered to be left handed.

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Yes, Chris Martin And Guy Berryman From Coldplay Write With Their Left Hand

I spent a lot of time during COVID watching old concert footage on YouTube of some of my favorite musicians. Coldplay’s concert in São Paolo, Brazil was epic. I had seen Viva La Vida several times before finally noticing Chris Martin using his left hand in what could have been a dangerous situation. At about 2 minutes into this video, you can see Chris having some fun with his bandmate Will Champion. I wondered why he would use his left hand at that point. Well, it’s because he’s left handed!

At least 2 members of Coldplay are left handers. Chris and Guy Berryman play guitar and bass respectively with their right hand; however, they write with their left as shown in this Twitter post of them signing autographs for Album Artists for charity.

There are claims on the web saying a third member of Coldplay is a lefty, but so far we have not been able to confirm this.

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Lizzo: A Proud Left Hander

Recording Artist Lizzo is an inspiration to many. She is a leader in numerous areas, including helping people be proud of themselves and to be self confident. She has worked hard to achieve her goals and is one of the most approachable celebrities. Given the changemaker that Lizzo is, I was proud to learn she is also left handed when I saw this tweet:

Lizzo was part of a panel hosted by The Female Quotient in 2019 where she explains some of the adversity she has had to overcome, “I’m left handed. I’m fat. I’m black. So, I was born knowing that there are so many things in this world that were not built for me. This world wasn’t designed for me. So, I’ve had to custom make my experience in this society and it’s being applauded, it’s being praised as being brave when I’m just trying to exist.”

LaMelo LiAngelo LeLefty Ball

When it comes to using my hands in sports, I rely on my left for shooting in hockey and basketball. I am also a southpaw when it comes to throwing, batting and golfing. The only sport I play with my right is soccer/football when I kick. It still intrigues me to see professional athletes play sports with their non-dominant hand. Several current and former National Basketball Association players are left handed but shoot right, including LeBron James, Russell Westbrook, Larry Bird, Tristan Thompson, Danny Ainge and Rudy Gobert. I am more like David Robinson…well, at least when it comes to using my left hand to both play basketball and write😊

Only recently did I learn not only one, but two of the Ball brothers are naturally left-handed. 2021 NBA Rookie of the Year LaMelo Ball told NBA Insider Shams Charania his father LaVar Ball forced him and his brother LiAngelo to be right handed. LaMelo says, “Me and my middle brother Gelo, we both were born left handed and our pops changed us, because when we eat at the table, Lonzo and my pops are right-handed so me and Gelo were hitting them. So, he changed all of us. So, we are all right. I go back to left now. When I left the house, I do everything with my left.”

You can hear LaMelo’s story at the 4-minute mark in this video:

Basketball is one of those sports where you really need to be adept with both hands to succeed at a high level, as LeBron explains in this video. But, players usually choose right or left when shooting free throws and shots from the outside. LeBron says here he doesn’t really know why he became a right-handed shooter in basketball, but jokes he would now prefer to shoot left saying, “I wish I was a lefty because those shots look a lot better.”

Our Celebrity Birthday page lists when these 5 famous people were born as well as other celebrities we have confirmed as either being born left handed or playing their sport as a southpaw.

Yes, there is something special being part of the left-handed community. This is why we’re not the only ones who are thrilled to discover left-handed celebrities:

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