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About Us

Who We Are

Image of Southpaw Essentials logo.

Southpaw Essentials is a new digital media company serving the left-handed community, while helping new parents and teachers understand laterality at an early age for their children and students.

We strive to be a service for our unique community by:

  • providing factual, unbiased information while exploring solutions for the challenges faced by left handers;

  • engaging with you---including business, academic and community leaders---to provide informative left-handed news and thought-provoking features;

  • building a comprehensive list over time of where you can find lefty products, including your essential items such as left-handed DIY, kitchen and gardening tools, school and office supplies, books, sporting equipment, and more;

  • highlighting the excellent work being done by business owners and members of the left-handed community;

  • providing information to help right handers understand our needs as lefties;

  • And, a list of birthdays for celebrities who truly show a preference for left handedness.

We will produce a variety of multimedia content, everything from how you can choose left-handed golf clubs to how you can determine handedness. Through various left-handed product listings, thought-leadership ideas, and interesting tips and info, Southpaw Essentials is your home for all things left-handed.


We want to engage with you through our biweekly newsletter and on social media. Sign up for our newsletter today, and join us on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok for the latest news we receive, as well as some fun content about laterality. 


If you have any experiences or questions about being left handed, please feel free to reach out to us as we would love to share (with your approval!) your thoughts, your content ideas and support the work you do.


The Southpaw Essentials team is excited to have you join us as we strive to create an all-encompassing resource to empower left handedness! We are here to support lefties worldwide and welcome all righties as well if you are lucky enough to have a lefthander in your life.


Thank you for your support and we look forward to being an essential service for you.

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Please let us know if you have any questions and thank you for your support.

Trevor Fonseca

Trevor Fonseca, Founder and CEO of Southpaw Essentials

It was clear I preferred using my left hand from the moment I was born. My parents have video of my birth where I grabbed the doctor’s scissors with my left hand while crying as soon as I entered the world. It was almost like I knew I would be facing a life struggling with scissors designed for righties!

I played multiple sports growing up in Vancouver, Canada, shooting from the left side in basketball and ice hockey, while throwing and batting left in baseball. Soccer was the only sport where my right side dominated with a right kick. Maybe that’s why it was my least favorite of these four sports. I played college baseball for two years each in California and Texas and graduated with a degree in Sports Management.

Although there are challenges faced with being left-handed, there is a beauty to it as well. The unique aspect and rarity of being a “lefty” is what ultimately sparked the idea to start Southpaw Essentials. As I reflected on my struggles as

a lefty---be it in the classroom or the kitchen---I realized it was time to explore possible solutions for the next generation around the world. We aim to celebrate and engage with the left-handed community while highlighting the health and social benefits of having quality left-handed products.

A couple of family notes; I have triplet siblings (Ryan and Nicole), and a left-handed cousin living in Seattle.

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