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5 Celebrities Some Thought Were Left Handed, But Are Not

Updated: Jan 31, 2022


  • Many websites list various celebrities as being lefthanded. While this is true for some, many celebrities are not lefties despite some of the claims.

  • It's difficult to prove the laterality of every famous person. However, with a little research, some are definitely not left-hand dominant.

  • Unfortunately for the following celebrities, they are not, despite them really wanting to be part of the exclusive 10% of left handers in the world😊

  • Read our findings below on Celine Dion, Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, Demi Moore and David Letterman

Despite rumors on social media and some websites, some of your favorite celebrities are not left handed. Secretly, they probably wish they were, but unfortunately, they are simply not.

It starts with an online blog, outlining why someone thinks a famous person is left-hand dominant. A few writers and journalists treat this as fact and include it in their blogs, and from there the misinformation grows. It can be very difficult to prove which is the dominant hand for some celebrities. However, doing just a little research would eliminate some of this erroneous information.

What are the Differences Between Being Left Handed, Cross Dominant and Ambidextrous

We discuss the differences between being left handed, mixed dominant or ambidextrous in this separate article. When evaluating the following celebrities, we looked for a consistent use of their left hand for a specific motor skill, including writing, playing sports, cooking and eating. Our research included observing thousands of pictures and videos online, contacting publicists and the celebrities themselves, as well as reading numerous written works.

With all this, and unless someone proves us wrong, we begin by giving the following celebrities the bad news that they are NOT left-handed😊

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Celine Dion

There are numerous websites, many of them reputable, who claim Celine Dion is left-handed. The main evidence given is she tends to hold the microphone in her left hand when performing. The fact is many people prefer holding a microphone when public speaking or performing on stage with their weaker hand to free up their dominant hand.

A simple search of Google images and videos clearly shows Celine signing autographs with her right hand, as evidenced in this video courtesy StormShadow's YouTube Channel.

Even when looking through Celine's social media platforms, it's clear the iconic recording artist is right-hand dominant. Here Celine is celebrating her birthday in March 2021.

We reached out to Celine's publicist who forwarded our email to her management company. They were kind enough to confirm in the email below that "Celine Dion is in fact right-handed."

A screen shot of an email from Celine Dion's management team confirming she is right handed and not left handed
Celine Dion's Management Confirms She's Right Handed

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Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise has long been rumored to be a southpaw. In the book, Tom Cruise: An Unauthorized Biography by award-winning author Andrew Morton, Tom is quoted as saying, "I was forced to write with my right hand when I wanted to use my left.” According to the author, this claim was disputed by at least one of Tom’s schoolteachers in Canada at the time. This alone is not proof that Tom was or wasn’t left handed.

While Tom has been seen signing autographs with his right hand, the only sign of him potentially being left handed was in a scene in the movie The Color of Money where Tom portrays a left-handed pool player. However, further proof that he is a true righty is when he does anything with a baseball. He threw out the first pitch at the Japanese Series baseball championship in October 2004 with his right hand before the game between Seibu Lions and Chunichi Dragons. And, in one of the scenes from the film A Few Good Men, Tom is batting right during infield drills.

Our verdict---sorry Tom, I know you want to be left handed, but unless you prove otherwise, you’re officially a righty. At best, Tom is mixed handed, using his right hand for the majority of tasks.

Brad Pitt

We know Brad Pitt was a star in the movie Fight Club, but we have no evidence to suggest he belongs in the left handers club. He uses his right hand to write, bat, shoot pool, play table tennis, and even in his fighting scenes he appears to prefer a stance used by right handers. Despite numerous websites saying he’s a lefty and/or ambidextrous, unfortunately for Brad, we will not include him in the elite 10% club unless Brad proves us wrong.

The video below courtesy of's YouTube channel not only demonstrates the class act that Brad is, but also his right handedness.

Demi Moore

Every indication is that Demi Moore is a true righty. She signs autographs right handed as shown in this video courtesy of TopPix Autographs' YouTube channel. We did not find any concrete evidence suggesting she’s a lefty. We even studied the famous scene from the movie Ghost, but no clues there either from what we could see.

David Letterman

A few websites claim David Letterman is left-hand dominant. However, every picture we saw of the talk show host signing autographs suggest this is not true. Even when throwing a baseball, he appears to prefer doing so with his right hand.

We have a list of birthdays for celebrities we are confident are in fact left handed. We will also research more celebrities who some say are left handed. We will post those findings in the coming weeks.

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