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February Left-Handed Crossword Puzzle

A cutoff crossword puzzle underneath two pencils with a "February" sign pinned to the top left-hand corner.
February Left-Handed Crossword Puzzle

Here’s our very first Southpaw Essentials Left-handed Crossword Puzzle. We will publish theme-related puzzles each month. This one is all about February.


If you want to go straight to the clues and answers, click here where you will find them below the puzzle. Have fun!!

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Clues & Answers for "February Left-Handed Crossword Puzzle":

  • Left-hander Matt Groening was born February 15, 1954 and is best known for creating this popular television series.

Answer: The Simpsons

  • Born February 17, 1956, left-hander Richard Karn starred with another lefty, Tim Allen, in this television series, Home Improvement.

  • Born February 17, 1950, Mark Bittman was a columnist for The New York Times.

  • In many countries, women place this on their fourth finger of the left hand after accepting their partner’s marriage proposal.

Answer: Ring

  • Someone who is mixed dominant will use their left or right hand for different tasks.

  • Larry Bird is left handed but played most of his NBA career as a right-hander. Which team did he score 47 points against shooting mostly left-handed on February 14, 1986, saying he was saving his right hand for the next game against the Lakers?

Answer: Trail Blazers

  • This left-handed tennis player, born February 16, 1959, popularized the phrase "you cannot be serious" after yelling this to several tennis umpires during his career.

Answer: John McEnroe

  • Known as “The Bambino”, this legendary baseball player was born February 6, 1895. He began his career with the Boston Red Sox but achieved Hall of Fame success with the New York Yankees.

Answer: Babe Ruth

  • This left-handed legend won 11 NBA Championships while playing for Boston Celtics. Bill Russell was born February 12, 1934.

  • National Love Your Pet Day should be every day, but one of the official dates is February 20. With that in mind, some studies show with this popular family pet, males are more likely to favor their left paw than females.

Answer: Cat

Answers February Left-Handed Crossword Puzzle
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