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Holiday Gift Ideas For Left Handers Of All Ages

Updated: Jan 26, 2022

No matter the age, LEFT ‘n Write has a gift idea for every left hander you know.

3 to 5-Year-Old Gift

If you have, or you know someone who has young children, it is important to be aware of their laterality. Most children will use both hands before it becomes clear which is their dominant hand. For some, it will be obvious at an earlier age, but many will experiment between 3 and 7-years-old. It is wrong to assume the child will automatically be right handed.

A picture of the book cover of "Left Hand Writing Skills Book 1" by Mark and Heather Stewart and sold online at Left 'n Write - Left Handed Shop. A book designed for young left-handed children. Includes icons on each page to show pencil grip and page angle as well as specific letter formation for the left-hander. Advice for parents and teachers is included as well as Top Tips on every page.

Once you see signs of left handedness in your child, giving them the opportunity to learn proper writing skills is important. LEFT ‘n Write owners Mark and Heather Stewart say, “Left Hand Writing Skills Book 1 is a very helpful book for both parent and child as it advises the parent on what the handwriting issues are for a left-hander and also sorts technique, lower case letter formation and numbers for the child.”

This handwriting book is designed for left handers with the spiral bound at the top. There are reminders on each page showing how to hold the pencil, angle the page, letter formation and tips for parents and teachers.

Mrs. Stewart says when it comes to handwriting, “Many people ask, ‘Does it really matter these days, is it important, they're going to be using keyboards all the time aren't they?’ Well, we both believe that handwriting is really important because children need to learn. They learn to read; they're looking at letters and a good way to learn and to fix these things is through handwriting. And, a lot of people find things easier to remember if they've actually physically written things down. I don't know how it is in other countries but in the United Kingdom exams are still all handwritten. So, if you can't write legibly and if you can't write quickly, you’re at a distinct disadvantage.”

8 to 16-Year-Old Gift

Picture of a pair of 3D Sensoft 16cm Left Handed Scissors with coloured handles.

Most left handers understand the difference a quality pair of left-handed scissors can make. The 3D Sensoft 16cm Scissors are designed for lefties with reversed blades.

Customer reviews online are by far very positive. A few people say they still struggle using this product, but Mr. Stewart says, “This can be because of the technique in using them, particularly if the user has previously used right-handed scissors in their left hand. I have had NO negative comments and confirm that the blades are set for left-handed use whichever way up you hold them!!”

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Gift for 10-Year-Olds And Over

Picture of Beginner's Calligraphy Set sold online at Left 'n Write - Left Handed Shop. This ideal introduction to Calligraphy set contains a cartridge pen, 3 left-handed calligraphy nibs, 1 x black ink cartridge (inside the pen body) and an ink converter for using bottled ink plus an instruction leaflet.

For those who love creative handwriting, the Beginner's Calligraphy Set will be a perfect gift for a youngster putting art into their handwriting! This includes a pen cap and barrel, one black ink cartridge, and three nibs in fine, medium, and 2B.

Mr. Stewart points out that “it does take some knowledge as to how/why the nibs are designed in a particular way and how to get the best out of them. You need to have a certain technique of writing with them and make sure the nib sits flat on its angle otherwise it won't work and will scratch.”

Here’s a video from ElisaAnne Calligraphy about some of the basics to help you better understand the art of being a left-handed calligrapher.

Gift for 12-Year-Olds And Over

Picture of Crochet Unravelled by Claire Bojczuk sold online at Left 'n Write - Left Handed Shop.  This ideal starting point for anyone interested in learning the traditional craft of crochet includes clear instructions, detailed illustrations and step-by-step exercises to enable the complete right- or left-handed beginner to learn quickly and confidently.

While doing research before launching Southpaw Essentials, I discovered left handers did not have many resources to learn how to crochet. Mr. Stewart says, "Crochet Unravelled by Claire Bojczuk is the perfect gift for the ‘crafty’ left-hander!” This book provides step-by-step instructions along with detailed illustrations for both left and right-handed beginners.

Gifts For Students And Young Adults

Mr. Stewart lists 3 items for this age group:

Picture of Minnow Left-Handed Corkscrew from Left 'n Write - Left Handed Shop in Worcester, England

He suggests the Minnow Left-Handed Corkscrew will, “Make cork-removing so much easier. Also, great fun to try out on your right-handed friends, but don't tell them it's left-handed!!” This corkscrew also receives a left-handed thumbs up from most consumers who reviewed this product after their purchase.

Picture of Everest General Purpose Scissors from Left 'n Write - Left Handed Shop in Worcester, England

Mr. Stewart says the Everest General Purpose Scissors are, “A must for everyday use!”

Picture of left handed Blue-Handled Can Opener for left handers sold online at Left 'n Write - Left Handed Shop.

He adds the Blue-Handled Can Opener is, “Useful when cooking for oneself.”

Gifts For Adults In Your Life

Two gift ideas here:

Picture of Everest Left-Handed Kitchen Scissors sold online at Left 'n Write - Left Handed Shop.

Everest Left-Handed Kitchen Scissors are serrated and are a “robust pair for kitchen use” states Mr. Stewart.

Picture of Left-Handed Diary 2022 sold online at Left 'n Write - Left Handed Shop.

And, record your daily events and thoughts throughout next year with the Left-Handed Diary 2022.This item is “wire-bound and opens from left to right to make it easier to use,” according to Mr. Stewart. The Left ‘n Write website also points out, “The right side features ample space for notes with trivia, facts, quotes and anecdotes about left–handedness.”

Gifts for the DIY Enthusiast and Gardener

Picture of Advent Vice Versa Tape Measure Right or Left Handed. A dual reading metric blade markings mean you can take a measurement from either the left or the right without the blade markings ever being upside down. And because the blade markings are printed on the underneath of the blade you can also do the same when working above head height.

This is a “why didn’t I think of that” moment. A tape measure that can be used left or right, as well as backwards and upside down. The Advent Vice Versa Tape Measure Right or Left Handed has the scale on both sides of the tape so you can see the numbers escalate whichever way you hold it, even when you’re measuring above your head. For those people who need imperial measurements, take note this product is only metric.

Picture of Darlac Expert Left-Handed Pruners (Secateurs) from Left 'n Write - Left Handed Shop in Worcester, England

Just like scissors, quality left-handed pruners for gardening are invaluable for southpaws. The Darlac Expert Left-Handed Pruners (Secateurs) are ergonomically designed for lefties.

Here’s a video from Australia, which briefly mentions these left-handed pruners at the 2:42 mark.

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