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Create A Holiday Greeting Card On Canva In Less Than 5 Minutes

Updated: Apr 21, 2022

A Happy Valentine’s greeting card with our logo, created on Canva.
Canva has easy-to-use greeting card templates for almost every occasion.

We use Canva, one of our affiliates, for most of our creative designs on Southpaw Essentials. Here’s a brief rundown of how we created this holiday card in just under 5 minutes, as well as a video demonstrating how easy it was to design. And, as we will show in future blogs, Canva has design templates you can use for just about every special occasion.

2. We typed ‘Happy Holidays’ into the ‘search’ field.

A screenshot of a search for Happy Holidays greeting card templates on Canva.
Happy Holiday templates on Canva

3. We scrolled through the templates and clicked on the one we liked.

4. This opened a new file for us.

A screenshot of a new file for our holiday greeting card design on Canva.

5. We copied the hand in our company logo (white and blue) from another file and pasted it into different areas of the holiday card template. We used Canva to design our company logo before we launched Southpaw Essentials. You can click here for a story which explains how we did that. However, Canva makes it easy for anyone to upload logos, images, video, and audio files directly onto Canva so you can use them in your creative designs.

A screenshot of a copy and paste of Southpaw Essentials logo on Canva.
Canva makes it easy to copy and paste creative elements between different files

6. We resized and added the logo onto some of the ornaments as well.

7. We adjusted the size of the logo, rotated and positioned the hands and the ‘Happy holidays’ message where we thought they fit best.

8. We used the arrow keys on our laptop keyboard to place the logos exactly where we wanted them.

Midway through the design of our ‘Happy holidays’ card on Canva
Happy holidays greeting card template on Canva
A Happy holidays greeting card being designed for Southpaw Essentials on Canva.
Our greeting card after we placed the hand logo

9. We copied the entire Southpaw Essentials logo, including text, and pasted it onto our holiday card file.

10. You can insert new text easily within Canva, with many font styles to choose from.

A screenshot of a holiday greeting card for Southpaw Essentials logo with a sample of the many font styles to select from on Canva.
Canva has many different font styles to choose from for your text

11. Back to the holiday card, we used the smaller font from our logo to type, ‘From your friends at’.

A screenshot demonstrating how we replaced text on a holiday greeting card for Southpaw Essentials on Canva.

12. We positioned some of the elements to center them and make them fit nicely on the template.

13. We downloaded the image as a PNG file onto our laptop and used it from there for our social media and to email our customers. You can also download other file formats including PNG, JPG, PDF, SVG, MP4 and GIF.

A screenshot of how to download a greeting card from Canva.
You can download your Canva designs as PNG, JPG, PDF, SVG, MP4 and GIF files.

14. Canva allows these images to be uploaded directly to your social media accounts---Instagram, Facebook page and groups, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Slack and more. So far, we have preferred to save our designs on our laptops and smart phones and upload the images from there to social.

A screenshot of how to download a greeting card from Canva directly to social media accounts.
You can upload your Canva designs directly to social media.

And that’s it!! Less than 5 minutes.

A screenshot of how the completed holiday greeting card designed on Canva for a small business.

As always, let us know if you have any questions about Canva. Click here to try Canva (affiliate ad link).

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