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Top 10 Questions About Left Handedness From Last Year

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

Based on feedback from readers, these are the top questions you wanted answered about left handedness in 2021.

Chart showing percentage of Left Handedness of Global Population, including left handers in the world (10.6%), people who write with their left hand is 9.3%, people who are left and mixed-left, also known as non-right handed, is 18.1%, prevalence of mixed handedness is 9.3%

#1. How many left handers are in the world?

Is it 9%? 10%? 11, 12, 13% or more? The official estimate based on the most extensive study we found so far is 10.6%. But there’s more in the answer to what became the most popular question people asked us in 2021 about left handedness. We explain in ‘How Many Left-Handed People Are In The World.

Picture of Celine Dion celebrating her birthday dated March 30, 2021

#2. Is Celine Dion left-handed?

People want to know!! While many believe Celine to be left-handed, the fact is she’s not. Celine is one of 5 celebrities people searched and came to our website to find out if they are left handers. The facts are here in, ‘5 Celebrities Some Thought Were Left Handed, But Are Not’.

There are four pictures in this collage. Top left is of 19th century boxer "Bendigo" Thompson in his left-handed boxing stance. Top-right photo is an 1848 political cartoon portraying Whig vice-presidential candidate Millard Fillmore. Bottom left is a stock photo of a left-handed baseball pitcher courtesy of Canva. Bottom right is a stock photo of two boxers, courtesy of Canva.

#3. Did the term ‘southpaw’ originate in baseball or boxing?

Short answer is no. Here’s some history on how this word evolved over time in, ‘Where Did The Term Southpaw Come From’.

#4. Why do I use each hand for different activities?

Picture of person operating a drill with their left hand while adjusting bolts on a vehicle's tire.

When it comes to daily activities, some people simply feel more comfortable using a different hand for different tasks. This article, ‘Differences Between Left Handed, Mixed Handed and Ambidextrousdescribes what it means to be mixed handed.

#5. Do left-handed products really work?

As with any item, it’s important to do your research, and even then, not everyone will appreciate or be able to use every product. We wrote two articles on left-handed gifts:


These were NOT paid advertisements. Each offers a little insight into how left-handed products can be beneficial.

We plan to do more stories on this topic in 2022, especially when it comes to providing a safer environment for left handers.

#6. What is the most important skill educators need to help left-handed children?

Understanding what a student experiences is key to helping them succeed. In ‘3 Skills Teachers Need to Help Left-Handed Students, we explore how empathy, observation and communication will facilitate left-handed children with their education.

Young girl coloring with her dominant left hand.

#7. How can I tell if my child is left handed?

Many young children use both hands before they determine their dominant hand by no later than age seven. Some toddlers show signs of being right or left handed much sooner. A few experts gave us some tips on how parents and teachers can better identify a child’s dominant hand in, ‘How to Identify a Left-Handed Child’.

#8. How did you design your company logo?

Southpaw Essentials company logo, which was designed on Canva.

Starting a small business can be expensive. When we launched Southpaw Essentials, we had to make prudent decisions on where to allocate our budget. People have asked us, “Who designed your logo?” So, we thought it would be best to write a step-by-step of ‘How We Designed Our Small Business Logo On Canva’. The process was rewarding and Canva’s platform was very easy to use.

#9. Am I ambidextrous?

Students in a classroom looking at teacher who is pointing at information on a white board at the front of the class.

Ambidexterity is one of the most misunderstood terms in laterality. Simply put, ambidextrous people can perform tasks equally well with either hand. However, experts don’t always agree whether this should be ‘every task’ or only some activities. They help us better understand the 'Differences Between Left Handed, Mixed Handed and Ambidextrous' in this article.

#10. Why do some left-handed athletes play right handed?

Many factors influence why children play sports right or left handed. The most important consideration is that your child is the one who makes this decision and feels comfortable with their choice. We wrote two stories:


These articles explain how to help your child decide. They also address the advantages of choosing left or right regardless of your dominant hand.

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